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iBatis for Java 2.3.0 Released


iBATIS (2.3.0) のリリースに伴い「DAO Framework」が非推奨扱いに。MLでも開発者から以下のような投稿があったみたい。


I think we should deprecate the iBATIS DAO framework for these reasons:

  • In my opinion, the iBATIS Mapper does a fantastic job of isolating the persistence layer as is.

  • I've personally started to shy away from data access layers.

  • For most applications, there's no big deal in having a dependency on SqlMapClient.

  • If you do use a DAO layer, I suggest Spring DAO.

  • If you can't use Spring DAO,
    I suggest writing your own DAO layer that is as simple as possible and tuned for your environment.

  • I don't believe very many people use the DAO framework,
    for those that do, you can safely continue to do so. It hasn't changed in years, and so it likely won't.

ちなみにバージョン ( では配布されているソースコードからは完全に削除されている。
確かに、Spring や Seasar2 と組み合わせて利用する場合「DAO Framework」は利用することはないしね。